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Programación 2019-20

Always Learning


International Day Against Gender Violence

Following the suggestion made by their philosophy teacher, some of our students have drawn impressive pictures to tell us about a dream we all share: that one day, gender violence will be a thing of the past.

Inmersión lingüística en Southampton

El lunes 18 de noviembre tuvo lugar la reunión informativa para todos los interesados en participar en la inmersión lingüística en Inglaterra. Aquí os ofrecemos un pequeño resumen:-La inmersión, para alumnado de 2º y 3º de ESO, está organizada por la...

Biology lesson in the supermarket

Do you ever read the nutrition facts of the food you eat? Well, our students do! This week, the Biology lesson in 3rd ESO hasn't taken place in the classroom but in the supermarket. There, the students were divided into groups and given some activities to...

Start packing your suitcase!

This year, the linguistic immersion for students in 2nd and 3rd of ESO will be in Southampton (United Kingdom), which is a major port in the south-east of England with many interesting places to visit. The students  will have the opportunity to...

National Library Day

'The ONLY thing that you ABSOLUTELY have to know is the location of the library.' Albert Einstein.In 1992, the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo was bombed and destroyed and, as a way to remember this cultural disaster,...

Welcome to our school!

Our two assistants, Phillip, from the USA, and Sarah, from the UK, have arrived today and that means good news for our students! Having assistants in class is a fantastic chance for them not only to practice their English but also to open their minds by getting to...

European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages was established by the European Commission and the Council of Europe in 2001 to promote language learning and celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of the European community. Every 26th September, different activities take place...